Drobo Gen 2 & Dashboard 2.6.4 incompatible w/ Mac OS 10.11.6?

I’ve just updated to Apple OS 10.11.6 on my iMac, and ever since I’ve had trouble with Drobo Dashboard 2.6.4, and the updated Dashboard 2.8.3 caused me problems as well.

After installing OS 10.11.6, my Drobo Gen 2 went haywire (see my other Forum post @ http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=146931

And w/ Drobo Dashboard installed now (either version) my iMac fails to complete booting up. It just hangs there. I had to do a TechTools repair of the file structure on my iMac to get the thing to start up and then I uninstalled Dashboard. The iMac is working fine now, but I can’t access my Drobo Gen 2.

Am wondering if anyone else is having trouble.