drobo gen 2, 4/3/3/3 tb, largest drive red

ran low on my drobo 2nd gen and i need to add more space but the drobo dashboard says i need to replace the drive indicated by the red light which happens to be my largest drive: 4/3/3/3 tb.

can i still safely remove one of the 3tb’s and add an additional 4tb without losing data?

The only reason why the Drobo Gen2 is flagging the 4TB drive to be replaced…, maybe that you are having a old firmware which does not correctly recognise that that drive is a 4TB. The firmware might have recognise it as 3TB.

Please check that you have the latest Firmware and Dashboard. Drobo Gen2 is a legacy product, the firmware and dashboard can be downloaded from this link:


hi also have a look in dashboard to see what dashboard says about the drive sizes and colours too.

i’m running the latest firmware and the dashboard shows that the drive is 4tb.

only the top 4tb drive shows red. the other 3tb drives are green.

how risky would you say it would be just to pull the second bay 3tb drive and pop in another 4tb?

well i pulled the trigger as two new 4tb wd reds came in today. put one in just now and all seems well…

hi if it is telling you Data Protection in progress - then let that process finish :slight_smile: