Drobo Gen 1 & Gen 2 doesn't Mount

Config Imac 2017 Mac os 10.14 / dashboard 3.6.1 / firmware 1.4.2

Hi, Can you help me? or tell me where to find the
solution to my simple problem because it doesn’t seem serious… I have
the lights on my front all green… disks have no problem. In
my Dashboard, I see the Drobo in GREEN and the capacity used and free…
In my MAc hard drive tool, I see the drobo in greyed out but I no longer
need to mount it!I have 2 drobos Gen 1 & Gen 2 (same firmware + same dashboard) and my Gen 1 works… I switched the 2 drobos disks and that doesn’t change anything. Thank you for your help.

Best Regards

It’s a long time since I thought about such ancient units, if I recall switching disks is a bad idea though, I think you can go Gen1 to Gen2 ONCE, after which they won’t work in the Gen1 anymore, Gen 2 to Gen 1 simply doesn’t work. I can’t comment on the potential consequences of trying, things may now be borked which weren’t previously.

The best outcome if you actually swapped the disk packs is that you now have two packs each of which will only work in the Gen 2.

First thing I’d try is factory reset them (wiping them in the process), & then if they work restore the data from backup.

Honestly they’re so old at this point (they went out of support in 2010 & 2014 respectively, even the newest stopped being sold in 2012) if that didn’t work I’d replace them, & even if they did recover I wouldn’t keep anything critical on them without a good backup.

connectivity issue if it’s usb try connecting it to another machine. if it’s network attached try pinging it.