Drobo Gen 1 & Dashboard 2.0.3

Hi all,
I can’t find anything that categorically states if the Drobo Dashboard 2.0.3 is compatible with the original Drobo Gen 1 machine.

I’ve looked at the release notes and they seem a bit vague. Can someone say yes or no if it’s safe to upgrade to the new dashboard?



the release notes don’t seem vague to me? they list the drobos with which it is compatible, and gen 1 is not on it!

it even suggests that if you own an older drobo that you click on the knowledge base link which takes you to the older versions of the dashboard

i would not expect it to work - and even if it does work - it is not a supported configuration, so i would not trust my data to it!

Hi Glyn,

I have been running my Gen 1 Drobo on Dashboard 2.0.3 for a number of weeks now. I too found the FAQs and Release Notes a bit confusing and queried Drobo about it, they said that the Drobo Gen 1 would work with Dashboard 2.0.3 and in fact that that should be the version I should be running for Mac OS X Lion.

I’m not a power user by any stretch. My Gen 1 has been running fine, although I did find an issue with Drobo Copy in that it fails to complete a task when the option to Delete files from the target no longer at source is turned on.

I also have not had to swap disks in the disk pack or anything, but Drobo has indicated that a Firmware update will be required for this to be compatible with Lion.



I have 2.0.3 on Snow Leopard with a Gen 1. It seems to be OK for just monitoring what’s going on, I do get email alerts and pop-ups, but I haven’t tried (daren’t try, really) any actual management work with it like volume naming and formatting.

Been running 2.0.3 on a Gen one since Lion came out and haven’t had any problems. My understanding is that you shouldn’t do any format or volume creation on the old firmware when using Lion because it isn’t supported. I have also read somewhere that they would be releasing new firmware for Gen 1 drobos to work with Lion for those that need to format and create volumes but always with huge disclaimers that those drobos are no longer supported and they are doing this just to “be nice” (my words). The problem is there haven’t been any updates on this new firmware since the announcement.

So has anyone done any volume creation or formatting under Lion using dashboard 2.0.3 and if so how did it go?

I have Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit and now, at startup, I get this message: “Drobo Dashboard.exe has stopped working.”

Does anyone else have this problem?

I just need to click on the Dashboard, and everything is fine, but it is an extra step.

Can anyone tell me where I can find the firmware versions listed with 2.0.3? I just don’t see anything on the Dashboard.

It is confusing to be told that the first generation Drobo is no longer supported and then to get an update. I also can’t seem to find any release notes to print out.

Can someone help me with this?



then support

then downloads

then scroll down to find your drobo

then there is dashboard - and also release notes