Drobo FW keeps rejecting 1.5TB Samsung drive


new to Drobo and unfortunately getting really annoyed.

I have three brand spanking new Hard Drives, all 1.5TB. Two are from Seagate, and one from Samsung. I dont know why but the Drobo builds the partition fine with all three, but randomly when still on or every single time i switch the drobo off then back on, the Drobo ‘forgets’ the Samsung and starts rebuilding with only the two Seagates. When i mean forget, i mean either the Samsung drive bay light is red or its blank.

The only way to correct this is to slightly move the Samsung drive for the Drobo to see it again and rebuild with all three. But this is not a solution.

I have not moved the Drobo in any way and ive tried moving the Samsung in two different bays, but still no good.

All my firmware is up to date. I need to trust my Drobo otherwise this solution is pointless for me :frowning:

Cheers from an already frustrated user.

Oh and i have constant Disk activity even though im not doing anything, which is a real pain. No idea whats its writing and/or moving around when i havent asked it anything.

If you have only 3 drives in the drobo, you can move the Samsung to the other bay. See if the issue follows the drive.
Or you can swap the samsung and the seagate. See if the issue follows the drive or stays with the bay.

If it stays with the bay, I would recommend opening a support case.

Hello jennifer,

i tried that yesterday, and problem follows the drive, not the bay. its just the Samsung that is affected, whatever bay its in.

But does that mean its not a Drobo problem ??


Sounds like a drive problem.

If you open a case, we can look at the diagnostic file to see what kind of errors are happening on that drive.

I was told by DR that unusual disk activity usually means a drive is failing.

I’ve had the same problem with two Samsung 1.5 TB drives. The drobo actually went through a complete rebuild that took two days and then rejected the drives. I don’t think the drobo likes the Samsung drives at all.

How do you get the diagnostic file from the drobo?


  1. Right-click on the Drobo Dashboard icon running in your computer’s system tray, in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, next to your clock.
  2. Select “Get Diagnostic Information.”


  1. Click on “Drobo Dashboard” in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, next to your Apple.
  2. Select “Get Diagnostic Information.”

Any updates on the 1.5TB Samsung drives with the Drobo? I’m shopping soon, and need to pick a good 1.5TB drive.
Newegg reviewers tend to like the Samsung, but if doesn’t work well with the Drobo then I’d need to look at Western Digital (green, or not?) or the Seagate (7200 better than 5900rpms?)


Samsung drives are cheap. You get what you pay for. Is your data worth spending a few bucks more for Seagate or WD drives? Just make sure you avoid the Seagate 1.5tbers with toxic firmware.