Drobo FS Won't Start

I just had my power blink and the Drobo FS will not start.

All lights on the front are on… every single one. Drive indicators are showing yellow.

I’m extremely frustrated and worried my machine is somehow fried and all my data is gone.

Okay, first some good news - I had that happen on a “dud” DroboFS I had in the very beginning. If you’re getting “all lights”, it’s dying well before it would get to your data - so I’d bet your data is fine.

That said, your DroboFS may not be. If it’s under warranty, I’d open a support ticket, as a replacement may be in order. If it’s not, well, try rebooting it a couple times just to see if it changes anything. Also, try shutting it down completely, removing the disk pack, and starting it up with no disks. If that works, then shut down entirely, reload the disk pack, and start up (definitely don’t try inserting or removing disks while it’s running at this stage). It’s possible something is just confused and a clean boot will sort it out.

Welcome to the club. My Fs stopped working and would not boot. I returned it to the vendor Dustinhome.no and got it back after two weeks with the message that I would have to ship it to Data Robotics myself.

RIGHT. So I will have to ship this from Norway to the US to get it fixed?

I use a large Qnap now. It has logs that are not encrypted. It does everything and more than the Drobo. Good riddance and thanks a bunch for the data loss.[hr]

Well after a while I just gave up and unplugged the power from the back (as the switch wouldn’t shut it down).

First try, I immediately plugged it back in and got the same response.

I let it run for an hour or so and it never booted… just all lights on.

I then unplugged again… let it sit unplugged for about 20 minutes before plugging it back in.

Then I plugged it back in, and let it sit for about 20 minutes before hitting the power switch.

Then it fired back up and has been working fine since.

Take the opportunity to get critical data off, but I’d definitely get it replaced if you can. You’ll never be able to trust it again.