Drobo FS won't mount

We had a brownout in our office, now our DROBO FS will not mount.
Since it is out of warranty with absolutely no drobo tech support, I am trying to find my way to get my files back.
Has anyone had any luck pulling the drives out of a DROBO FS that will not mount, moving them to a newer unit (ex: 5N) and having luck with it mounting and having all files back?

Any feedback/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

thank you in advance.

I can’t speak from experience but I think it is best to resolve the mounting issue on the Drobo FS first before migrating to the 5N.
You might be able to get support by purchasing a Drobo 5N, Drobo might be able to support the mount failed issue you have on your Drobo FS.

About this, if the Drobo Dashboard detects the unit, you may be able to attempt a repair on it. However, please do not attempt the repair when your usage exceed 95%.

Thank You…The Drobo unit is now with our computer guy…he had mentioned that he could try the “repair” but there was a warning to not do the repair until you have cloned each disk - and our computer guy said that it could take many DAYS to clone the disks prior to performing the repairs (on top of purchasing hard drives to hold all of the clones which would be costly). We had (3) 1 TB and (2) 3 TB for a total of 9 TB of disk…but only 1.5 TB was used… since this is much less than 95% usage. Is it safe to do the repair without cloning the disks first?

I think it is still recommended to clone the drive, you probably want to do that first before attempting the repair…
Besides, you are already in the middle of it…