Drobo FS won't mount win 10

that would be great paul. i’m also looking at a couple of cloud options to backup to.

sure - i usually type out similar info each time, but here is one i made earlier :slight_smile:
(i couldn’t say what it mentions there, any better then if i said it myself) :smiley:

if you actually do get that tool and are still stuck with profiles then i can go through each of the options i have ticked or settings values on the profiles at that time too for you.

Hi all. I’ve recently got a new refurbished windows 10 PC… downloaded the Drobo dashboard and it all comes up fine… but my share drives will not populate. I still have it on my windows 8 laptop and it all works fine there. but why can I not share the drobo to my newer machine? I’m not computer savvy like most of you… so my hands are tied right now… eventually my laptop will die at some point… it is very old which is why I upgraded to a desktop… have no clue why this is an issue… guess I’ll have to continue to share with my laptop in order to access my photos. :frowning:

Well, if it’s an FS (and you’ve posted on a topic for an FS). Then Windows 10 (or 11) not seeing it is expected, the FS uses a very old INSECURE sharing protocol, which Microsoft have turned off (with good reason).

Now it is possible to re-enable SMBv1 in Windows 10 if you really must, however for security reasons I strongly recommend you upgrade to a more modern NAS that uses a secure protocol, rather than pushing a long end of life unit past it’s safe use-by.