Drobo-FS - Upload failures and folder missing

I’m having a big problem for the last few days.

Everytime I upload large files from Windows7 to DroboFS my Network connection breaks down on the local computer and I have to restart my NIC. Small files take longer than usual.

Since this morning I’m missing a whole folder from my Explorer. It just doesn’t show any more. The capacity on my Drobo Dashbord is still at 58% and hasen’t changed.

The status of all 5 disks is “green”.

Any idea, how I can solve this?

alright… I found my missing folder, which has mysteriosly moved somewhere else.

but I still have the issue of the terminating network connection whenever I try to copy something to my DroboFS

Is it only the one Windows 7 machine - or does the same thing happen on other machines?
Do you have another NIC or port you can try?

I ask because Win 7 networking has been flakey for me in the past - I end up resetting my TCP/IP stack every few months.

It’s both Windows 7 machines and it doesn’t matter if I’m using LAN or Wi-Fi, although Wi-Fi does sometimes work but takes ages.

I also noticed, that Fuppes is now starting to display videos as “unsopported format”, which is a change to earlier.

Support asked me to connect the Drobo directly to a PC and check if the problem still exists. Strangely it works when copying files. But only at 10 MB/s which might be a reason, since I have bigger problem if the speed gets higher.

So far, I did not have any bad experience with the Windows 7 network stack, except the NIC termination while copying to the Drobo lately.

Maybe I’m “special” (I’ve been told so in the past ;))… my Win 7 network would just get progressively slower. Meanwhile my wife’s machine that sits right beside (and is also Win 7) would be perfectly fine. They’re both on the same network segment too. shrug

Anyway, back to your problem… Files copying at 10 MB/sec… Can you check whether Windows is reporting a Gigabit or 100 Mbit connection? Possibly it’s a flaky cable. Of course the Drobo itself isn’t ruled out yet either.

Well, the cable was a new CAT6. The other cable is a 1 y.o. CAT6, so I can pretty much rule out the flaky since they both work like a charm, when not connected to the Drobo.

At this moment the only Thing that can be the source of the issues is the Drobo. I’m only not sure which part of it, since I can’t read the log files fro troubleshooting myself.

Sounds like it’s something screwy with the Drobo FS’s NIC. Definitely keep pursuing with Drobo support.

Bindermichi, I’ll take a look at your diag and send you an email from your case. I have had a user report that removing the Win7 computers from the homegroup significantly increased transfer times to/from the DroboFS. This might also help with network connectivity. Instructions for doing this can be found at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/HomeGroup-frequently-asked-questions.