Drobo-FS: Unable to see content of one share

I tried to help a friend who has a “big” problem with one share on her Drobo-FS. She has mainly three shares: DroboApps, Music and Main. She can mount and see the content of DroboApps and Music, but no way with Main that is also Time Machine enabled… In fact when she wants to see the content of this folder, the Mac open the Finder window and sits there for eternity…
So, I suspect somehow a corruption of the Drobo-FS directory. If someone has a protocol for such situation I will enjoy…
The good thing is that Dropbear is installed into DroboApp, so I may connect using SSH I suppose?
Have I to use "ssh (drobodashboard_user)@drobo_ip and then type the drobodashboard password?
If yes, has this user root privileges or have I to sudo?
Is there in the embedded system of drobo a function to check directory?
Thank you for replies.