Drobo FS total failure. Can all drives fail?


Hi. I’m a long time drobo user.

I have a Drobo FS my first Drobo, from 2011.

Today ALL the drives have gone RED and the middle drive is flashing. I’ve tried a brand new drive in the middle slot and that doesn’t work so I figure that bay is bad.

So I try a migration and move all the drives as a pack over to my 5D3 and they all turn RED there as well. Drobo dashboard says the drives are “incompatible” and offers to check for updates (but it’s current).

So I’m confused. Are all the drives dead ? Or did one drive failing kill all of them ? It can’t seem to rebuild itself even in a new enclosure with a new drive.

Is there another step after this ? I also really wish there was a way to keep paying for drobo care. I hate that I have to troubleshoot on my own.

What else can I try ?


The Drobo FS is network attached while the 5D3 is direct attached, is that right? The disk-pack from one cannot be used in the other as the drive formatting will be different.


Reading the drobo documents lead me to believe this shouldn’t be an issue. It’s only an issue when mixing 1st and second generation. But I may have read that wrong?