Drobo FS too loud

Hi all,

my Drobo FS is quite loud - even from 10 meters away I can clearly hear it. Kind of the noise of a very cheap PC. It is even too annoying when watching a movie (10m away).

It was not a problem, when the drobo was in a separate room, but now we moved and it must be located in the living room - my girlfriend is about to ban it. Seriously.

In my opinion the noise comes from the fan.

Is this normal of a hardware defect?

Any idea to make it silent?



What is the temperature in the room? If my room gets warm my Drobo fans go to high speed and then I can hear them. Otherwise, they run at a slower speed and are nearly silent.

Replace the fan. Drobos are noisy…

Just normal. 20°C. No different speed yet.
Have they changed to fans in newer models?

DRI? Update the hardware to fix problems? Surely you jest.

I’m afraid you really only have three options:
[list=1][] Live with it. Sadly, I’m in that boat.
] Move it elsewhere. Fortunately, being a NAS this is sometimes feasible.
[*] Replace the fan (which also voids any warranty you have left). Early reports indicated it became all-but silent after putting a decent fan in, and the process didn’t sound difficult.[/list]

I wish I had better news for you.

I wonder if DRI will address the fan issue in the next consumer-level FS Drobo release :expressionless: