drobo-fs ( time-error )

drobo-fs ( time-error )

01-office network status

02-drobo-fs ( time-error )

thats interesting about the time difference

i couldnt tell much from the oriental fonts but what happens if you (on the same machine) try to make a new text file/folder on it, (and at the same time shortly after) also try to make the same thing on your desktop / c drive… just wondering what those would look like?[hr]

(also which computer was the creator of the file/folder - assuming it was one of the computers from your 1st picture)?

The work of troubled

How to make the drobo-fs time and computer time synchronization

I also have the similar problem where Drobo FS has decided to “pick its own timezone”. It’s confusing USR doesn’t have any information on getting the time zone right. ( I am in a GMT+8 time zone actually)

Same problem here. If I create now a folder it´s timestamp is 16 hours in future.

How to setup correct date and time?

We’ve released firmware 1.2.1 to fix this issue as well as others. Please update as soon as possible. The firmware release notes can be found at http://www.drobo.com/support/updates/firmware/Release_Notes_Firmware_DroboFS_1.2.1.pdf.