Drobo FS Stopped Working

I’ve got a Drobo FS connected via Ethernet. Have had it for about 4 years without any problems. Sometime in the last couple of days it stopped working.

What I see on the Drobo front panel is one blue light on the bottom and all the right side drive lights will flash on, then all lights off for 3 seconds, then for a split second those same lights will flash on, then off for 3 seconds. It just keeps doing this indefinitely.

In the Drobo documentation I haven’t been able to find anything that tells me what it means when all the lights flash on, then off.

I kind of think it may be a hardware failure because when you do not hear any fan and you can’t hear any of the drives spinning or spinning up.

Also, the power button does not work at all in this state until you unplug the power cord. When you plug it back in you can press the power button to turn it on, but then it immediately does the lights on, then off for three seconds routine with absolutely no sounds of drives spinning or a fan running.

Anyone know what this behavior means?

hi dougcpa,
can you see if the power supply (and power light on the psu brick, plus the drobo itself) is doing or showing anything?

it might be worth powering all off, and then removing all power and connection cables from your drobo fs
and then with power still all OFF and uplugged, removing all of your diskpack drives (remembering the order for later)

and then if you try powering up empty and unconnected, what happens now?
(does it boot up, and fan comes on etc, and then does it go into standby mode after a few minutes?)

if yes, can you then try powering up the computer and dashboard,
and then connecting the empty fs to the computer
(does the fs wake up shortly after, and become recognised by dashboard?)

if dashboard can find it, please can you use dashboard to shutdown the drobo
and then to unplugg all power and cables from the drobo
and then with power still all OFF and unplugged, to put your diskpack drives back into where they came from
and then to power up the unconnected drobo

what happens now, is it the same problem as before?
(or does it boot up with blue led sequence, hopefully from 1 through to 10 possibly from right to left?)
if it seems to hang here before reaching 10, please do allow some hours for this to complete if possible.

then, if you attach it to the computer running dashboard, does it wake up shortly after, and then become recognised by dashboard and accessible by the computer again?

Important: please remember that diskpack drives should only be removed or inserted, in their entirety, and only when power is all OFF and cables unplugged.

If it ends up that the empty fs has a fault though, then that is usually better as will be more likely to be able to migrate your diskpack into a compatible replacement drobo, via the migration process which can be found here:

(i was able to successfully migrate mine when my drobo-s-gen2 had a power toggle issue)

I tried the Drobo with all the disks removed, including removing the Ethernet cable and power cable for five minutes, then plugging them back in, but leaving the disks out of the unit.

When I power it on, I get the same behavior, no case fan spinning up and the lights on the front flash for a brief second, then off for 3 seconds, then flash on, and just goes on forever.

Computer doesn’t detect the unit at all while it is in this state.

I have a feeling the problem is the unit itself. Hopefully when it went tits up it didn’t damage the disk pack. I went ahead and ordered a 5N that arrives today. I’m hoping it fires up and my data is there like nothing had happened.

ah yes, it does seem like a hardware fault, though those are often the better type of fault to encounter, as accessing data again usually works via the migration processes to a compatible replacement model.

fingers crossed things go ok for you, and for example another user was able to successfully migrate recently here too: