Drobo FS Software Firewall


With ssh access to the drobo fs, does anyone know if there is an existing software firewall, or something that could be ported onto the device?

Thanks for any thoughts.

~ Ben

Edit 04/29/12: Reword subject & question.

Do you mean inbound or outbound?

Thanks for the reply. Optimally both, in this case, inbound.

Eventually I will just have the drobo(s) behind a hardware firewall but I am curious if this is possible in the interim.

~ Ben

I don’t believe there is one in place; however there are extremely few ports open on the Drobo and you typically wouldn’t want to firewall them anyway (seeing as it’s a network device and all). If you’re concerned about SSH, I believe you can use OpenSSH’s configuration options to limit what IP’s are allowed to connect.

I just checked, the FS does not ship with iptables. So my guess is that there is no firewall for it either inbound or outbound.

Thanks a bunch for the info. Very appreciated.