Drobo FS share vanishes

I have 2 Drobo FS systems, one gives no problems the other vanishes from the network intermittently and to get it to come back I have to power off, remove all of the drives, power on and once it has reappeared in the dashboard I can then power off again reinsert the disks and power on. This then results in a temporary restoration of the shares.

When the share is missing and it is absent from the dashboard I can still ping it by IP address.

hi clive, it may be another issue, though if you get a chance, would you be able to try using dashboard to shutdown both drobos, and to then swap the network cables that they use, with each other, just to see if the issue moves to the other drobo as a test?

Network cables had been swapped and replaced, different switch ports used and it keeps happening. I have no problems with the other FS and my 5N gives no problems either.