Drobo FS running 1.2.6 firmware

I just logged in to check me drobo status and was prompted to update to the dashboard version 2.6.7 and which includes firmware 3.2.2 and wanted to post here to see if it was safe to update using the auto update feature. Seems like a big jump from firmware 1.2.6 to 3.2.2

That is strange - to answer your question is No, that firmware is for the 5N. We are looking into why you received this message. Again, do not update. Thank You.

I was prompted to update Drobo Dashboard as well… now I can’t reset the admin account info for my Drobo FS - Dashboard keeps telling me that either my account info is wrong or I don’t have internet connection (the fact that I am writing this from my support account determines that that is a lie…)