DROBO FS Problem: Data Protection

Hi. I’ve had my Drobo FS for about three years now (I use it to store video files for editing with Adobe Premiere Pro).

Recently, it started going into data protection every time I add video files for a new project. It eventually completes the data protection and I am then able to work in PRemiere Pro CC 2015.

My question is why is this happening? Is there a failure with the Drobo or one of my drives? Is there something I can do to dianose this further?

Mark Mecca

hi mark, it could be that something is failing, and getting rectified, like you said.
can you notice any info in dashboard, such as a drive bay lable saying “warning” or “healed” next to one of the drives?

(if not, there might be a way to get an out of support incident ticket, in which case they might be able to find out from the diagnostic logs, but i would probably wait to check first, before actually running that, especially if using the drobo in case a rebuild triggers)

am not sure if you have Single drive redunancy (SDR) or Dual (DDR) though as it has been rebuilding a fair bit lately, it might be worth setting aside some time to close down all programs and to make some backups of the data if possible, just in case multiple drives are encountering errors.

(just linking to solution/next steps)