Drobo FS permissions problem

I am on a Mac 10.10.4

I have a DroboFS which I have been using as a backup to another Drobo.

Yesterday the DroboFS failed to mount on the desktop, Drobo Dashboard can’t find it and I can’t rsync files to it (which is how it it normally used).

I have rebooted the Mac a few times.
I have shut down and restarted the DroboFS a few times.
I updated Drobo Dashboard to the latest (2.6.9).

When browsing the network from the Mac Finder (command+k > “Browse”) the DroboFS appears as connected but when I check permissions on it via Get Info (command+i) the it says I have “custom access”
“unknown” has “Read & Write”
“everyone” has “No Access”
and of course I can’t change the permissions here.
When I try I get a warning that says:
“The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have the necessary permission.”

By double clicking the DroboFS via the Finder Connect to Server, I can sometimes get the DroboFS to mount (appear on the desktop).
Clicking into it I can get to the shared folder and at the top of the Finder window it says “Connected as: username” with the username that is supposed to be allowed to use the DroboFS – I can browse through all the files and folders, and it looks like everything that I expected to be there is there, but of course I can’t modify any of them.
The Drobo Dashboard still doesn’t connect to the DroboFS.

Anyone know how I can get the DroboFS to be accessible again?

I can navigate through the file system and copy files to and from the DroboFS however, rsync via a Terminal still doesn’t work and the Drobo Dashboard still does not recognize the DroboFS is connected.

hi, when it stopped working, was that when you tried updating the firmware?
or did you update the firmware and then it had some problems?

(also, have any mac updates taken place recently? i think some uses recently had to go back into the mac firewall/permissions to allow dashboard app and services to work properly) so maybe you could try checking those settings too just in case?

Thanks for your suggestions.

I have not updated the firmware on the DroboFS lately so I don’t think that could have anything to do with the problem. I did update the DroboDashboard software, but that was AFTER the DroboFS failed to be recognized. Updating the Dashboard did not change the situation at all.

As far as Mac update, I’m not sure so I’ll look into that possibility. As I mentioned I do have another Drobo (Drobo S) connected via Firewire800 and that one has continued to work normally – so it makes sense to check the network settings.

ok please let us know how it goes


thanks for the tip!
I checked my Firewall Options and DDService64d was being blocked – I set it to Allow, restarted my Mac and was able to reconnect to the DroboFS!

hey thats excellent news
well done :slight_smile: