Drobo FS - Odd Network behavior

I was given a Drobo FS. It’s not working on my network. I did a paperclip reset based on internet instructions.

I set my PC address to 169.254.213.xxx and connected directly with an ethernet cable. I was able to see the unit and reset it. I left the network on DHCP and plugged it into my network switch with a tested good cable on a tested good port. The lights on the Drobo’s network jack do not light up, except for a quick flash a few times per minute. Basically no network activity. Not visible with an Angry or Fing scan.

Plugged back in directly and reconfigured to static IP. Still the same issue. It’s not alive in the network. Yes the network settings are all correct - subnet, gateway, etc.

If I can connect directly I know the network interface is good on the Drobo. I have put the latest firmware on it and I am running the latest Drobo software in my PC.

So why can I directly connect but it will not talk on my network? My 5D works perfectly on the same network.