Drobo FS Now or soon supports 3TB drives

This was good to see today.

FYI, The KB on 3TB drives was updated today:


Does Drobo support drives larger than 2TB?

New larger capacity drives (e.g. 2.5TB, 3TB) are now available for purchase in 3.5in SATA models. Drobo supports the use of these high-capacity drives in Drobo systems to allow users to continue to expand their Drobo storage.

Users of Drobo products can download and apply a free firmware update for their Drobo system and make use of drives >2TB. Availability is based on the following schedule:

December 21, 2010 = Drobo S

January 2011 = Drobo FS, DroboPro FS

February 2011 = Drobo, DroboPro

March 2011 = DroboElite

Good to see. I wonder if there is any chance DRI will fix any of their longstanding bugs in the firmware, including the abysmal user/password nightmares for DroboApps, or their incompatibility with some drives (which leads to intermittent failures to boot). Probably too much to hope for.