Drobo FS not showing up when I browse the network

Hello All,

I just got my Drobo FS yesterday. Can anyone tell me why the Drobo does not show up in Win 7 when I browse the network for shares? I am able to map using the dashboard, so that’s not a problem.

But I expected the Drobo to function like other NAS devices, you can browse to the share you want from the Network Browser.

I also use a Popcorn Hour to play my media files. Again, the drobo does not show up on the network browser.

Can anyone help?

Just a followup. I was able to use my Popcorn Hour by mapping it to the IP address of the drobo and using the exact share name… so for example:

This worked:


no user name, no password

But this did not:


no user name, no password

Where Video is the name of the share and movies is a folder within the share.

Just FYI.

I am having a heck of a problem getting my FS to work with my Popcorn Hour C200. I keep getting the no content message. Even if I just browse. This doesn’t happen with any other NAS. Is Drobo doing something strange?

You said to try smb://192.168.1.xx/video/

Where does that go? In my setup in Preferences I have network shares. Now
Protocol is already filled out ( Samba).

Next line is ip/hostname

Then share name

There is no place for smb://192.168.1.xx/video/

Odd that my other media players work fine. The Drobo and Popcorn Hour on a network is difficult. I had that same problem with DroboShare and I was assured that the FS would fix that. It hasn’t (:



Seems you’re having difficulties trying to go directly to a subfolder of a share?

I have this problem with Windows servers sometimes too, not sure if it’s an inherent problem in SMB/CIFS in general.

Once I’m authenticated it tends to work (at least for Windows clients)…

If you can set up more than one connection - one to the share root (whatever the name of the share is) and one to the direct subfolder (/sharename/subfolder), try connecting at the share root, then see if it’ll let you connect to the subfolder after the main root share connection has been authenticated.

I’d be happy to connect to “Public” which is a default share that Everyone can connect to. I have no problem seeing this from a Mac, windows, many media players,…but it’s that one media player which sees the server but doesn’t think there are any shares. There is something that the Drobo FS does when it exports these shares.

When you look at the smb.conf it all seems pretty standard, so I don’t know what is up. You can’t export sub-folders which is normally fine with smb.

I still feel that the Drobo FS is up to something… . At least NFS works and maybe someone will have a solution.

When you browse SMB servers, the C200 media player sees the DroboFS. But is doesn’t think anything has been exported ( even the default Public).


You don’t happen to know if it’s forcing NTLMv2, by chance? Very weird.

Not that I can tell. That would force a certain type of authentication that doesn’t exist in my older media players.

I had a similar problem when I had a DroboShare, but that device did not have much control over shares. This was supposed to be easy, but it’s having problems with the Popcorn Hour. One other user on here has reported the same thing.