Drobo FS Not Recognized

New Drobo FS not recognized when plugged into Ethernet port on network hub, nor when connected directly to a computer.

  • moving from Drobo S
  • moved drives from Drobo S to new Drobo FS
  • plugged Ethernet cable into Hub (or directly to a computer)
  • powered on Drobo
  • Drobo FS seems to “boot-up”, but then ALL drive lights turn Red

DROBO FS does not support drives from other Drobo products unless you want it to reformat the drives and clear all your data. I believe the manual shows a procedure to reset the Drobo FS and wipe all the data from the drives.

Thanks for the suggestion, resetting (pressing the reset button on the back) worked!!! I had “assumed” that when I plugged the drives in from the Drobo S, it would just reformat.

How is your FS going cshinn? How is the speed?