Drobo FS needs a couple of weeks to put everything in place?

Yesterday, my iTunes-Drobo FS-iPad Remote-setup started to work flawlessly for the first time. After I had transfered my 3TB music library to the FS some weeks ago I got frequent freezes of my iTunes. I thought the problem was within iTunes and its (too) large library, but perhaps it was just the Drobo that needed a lot of time to “digest” all those small ALAC- and mp3-files? Now I have played music for hours and hours and no freezes, no glitches, just perfect functionality!

Perhaps it was a mistake to shut the drobo down 1-2 times a week, as I have done? It seemed as if the Drobo needed a lot of time to “put things in order” every time I powered it up again.

Any thoughts on this? Should I just keep the Drobo on all the time? Even when I know I won’t be using it for 3-4 days? (I only use the Drobo for playing music wirelessly throughout the house — not for programmed backups or anything else.)

I cannot comment on iTunes but whenever I start my download program it needs hours and hours to hash everything.
During this time everything freezes.
My temp files are located on Drobo and somehow it changes whatever my dowload proggie puts on it, I’ve used maybe 10 different systems to put these files on, Drobo only one with this issue.