Drobo FS installed 3.2.1 and now cannot access. Help!

My Drobo FS has been going strong. All lights green. I have a Macbook Pro upgraded to Catalina last October with no incident. I recently upgraded firmware to 3.2.1 and now can not access my Drobo. I get an error to please reinstall the dashboard. I did read that some people are having problems with Catalina with Drobo FS. How to reinstall dashboard? What should I do? I did read if I downgrade to Maverick (Mac) I will need to wipe clean my computer. I need the data on my Drobo! I am a beginner so please help me with baby steps! Thanks so much everyone. Leah

If you want to reinstall the Dashboard:

Turn off your Drobo FS
On you MBP, open Applications, locate ‘Drobo Dashboard’ and drag it to the Trash and then empty.
(I would recommend you restart your MBP)
Navigate in your web browser to:

There you will find your Drobo FS specific downloads to reinstall Drobo Dashboard.