[Drobo-FS] How to transfer an iTunes Library to mt-daapd

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a DFS and I’m trying to find a tutorial on how to move an iTunes library (including playlists) to mt-daapd, acting then as my iTunes server.
I am a Mac user but with no knowledge on Linux. Could someone give me a link or explain me how to do so without losing anything?

I searched the forum but couldn’t find a clear procedure. Maybe I searched wrong (sorry if that is the case)
Again I have few knowledge on Linux or command line interface.

Thank you

I did something similar recently and it might not be the best solution. There is no artist/album breakdown of your music. Just a huge list of songs displayed in iTunes. To make playlists you have to edit a file on the drobo and then they show up as smart playlists under the new share that mt-daapd creates.