Drobo-FS goes drive fail, then Protection (Yellow/Gree)

So my Drobo-FS is giving me problems after 9 years of perfect use.

Last week, I had a drive failure (4TB Western Digital drive that has been in it for about 3ish years). I ordered a replacement (4TB IronWolf), but I haven’t actually put it in yet. I’m at 33% used capacity, so I didn’t really need the space, I really just wanted to have a spare drive on hand.

When that (Western Digital) drive failed, it seemed to be cycling (I caught it on the 3rd time).
It would fail, then within a few minutes goto Data protection (IE the drive broke, and then it would unbreak).

On the third cycle (i left Drobo dashboard running) I saw the drive that went red, and pulled it. 65 hours later, the Data Protection finished. (I don’t know how long it really was, that was just the number on the dashboard).

Today, 1 week later, I woke up to what “seems” the same issue again. I only have 4 drives in now. (Three 4TB, and one 3TB). The “toast” message that a drive failed was on my computer, and when cleared, it was in Data protection. I pop the dashboard up, and I see all 4 drives in protection (11 hours remaining).

I pulled the diagnostics, but I don’t see anything useful in there. I can’t even seem to figure out which drive is the “flaky” one.

Any suggestions how to proceed?