Drobo FS folders in Finder Sidebar?

Is it possible to put Drobo FS folders in Finder Sidebar? I can’t seem to drag them over there and I really want my frequently used drobo folders to be easily accessible over there.


Been years since I’ve used Apples, copy paste perhaps?

Nope, no way to do it that way. It is just strange to be you can’t drag and drop it I can put any other folder or even a share from a Windows PC over there.

Works for me…

if you are trying to do this with a share (top level folder) make sure it is mounted before you do it.
although when you un-mount, it will disappear, but will come back once you manually remount it.

look at the link below to find out a way to auto mount shares, although i don’t use this.

I checked Mount in the Drobo Dashboard, but I still can’t drag a top level share over - any other ideas?

Its showing up as a Mac/AFP share, maybe I should make it an SMB share?

You can have folders in the sidebar. Volumes can be placed in the gray area on the top of a Finder window. Right click the area to manage it.

Ok, now I get it - thanks!