Drobo FS File Copy-Sync???

I recently acquired a new Drobo FS w/ 5-3Tb drives.

I am consolidating various individual singular 300Gb, 500Gb, 1Tb, 1.5Tb and 2.0Tb drives to the Drobo.

Data has been scattered across these drives for years, and may very well be duplicated.

I’ve tried a few utilities, scripts, etc., but all do not want to “see” the folders on the Drobo for sync/comparison purposes, and I cannot compare data on external drives to copy to Drobo.

Although I did find one called ‘Sync Two Folders’, it only worked if I created a sub directory in the folder on the Drobo and dumped all the data there.

Even so, the application is sluggish at best, and with 100’s of thousands of files I’d much rather compare folders instead of a single folder with tons of data.

Anyway, DeltaWalker fails, as well as others.

I’m looking for an application that will allow me to simply compare a hard disk with files on the Drobo.


If you’re running Windows, Geekcorp’s “DiskState” program will perform MD5 sums on directory trees and alert you of duplicates. Maybe that will be useful.
If you’re running Linux or OS X, one could script something to recurse directories and run md5sum on each file found. There are probably nice GUI tools too, but I wouldn’t know.

Using OS X, and I’d prefer a GUI. Tried a few scripts, I’m an old fart.

Afraid that most programs will not work for this. The way the OS interacts with files on local disks is vastly different from how it deals with remote disks. About the only thing that will work 100% is a custom build of rsync, which Mike Bombich of Carbon Copy Cloner fame put together.

As far as migrating your data over, I must be missing something, as I don’t understand why you have to compare the DroboFS to the original - I assume you’re copying everything first and sorting later, so why would two folders not be in sync?

I have multiple disks with data that is duplicated on some, folder, files, etc.
Dump to Drobo, compare as dumping to avoid duplicates.
How then would one do a simple transfer of data from one device to another (HD(s) to Drobo) then?

I don’t have anything special to recommend - If you have the room on the Drobo (and with 12TB usable, I hope you do!), I’d say copy everything to the Drobo first, then start comparing, eliminating, organizing, etc. The main reason I say do it on the Drobo is the data will be redundant and protected from failure, which I assume your various disks today are not.

Don’t worry about setting up shares and such yet. Once you have it all set, you can install the SSH DroboApp and then move data between shares without copying.

hi guruuno, how about this as a 1st step:

make a folder near root of your drobo with small name like “drvbkps” or something
then make a subfolder for each drive you will dump
dump the contents of that drive into it’s subfolder (and repeat)

(you could do this with antovirus turned off, to avoid popups overnight which might stop the transfers etc but up to you)

then, you can use a whole host of duplicate scanning programs like something in Glarry utilities, treesize or other ones off cnet download .com etc, and you can run your virus scans as well.

that way like diamond said, you’d quickly be copying everything to drobo in case something happens to the loose drives etc meanwhile

theres good tools called “cathy” (search for it in the forms here) :slight_smile: and synchback tools,
just make sure you do trial runs with extra smaller copies before you automate anything… to make sure its setup properly and does what you want (and lets stuff keep working etc) :)[hr]
oh, you have a mac… hmmm (concept is the same, but tools may differ)