Drobo FS FAIL?

I have a Drobo FS that appeared to have a drive fail, but I have placed a new drive into the unit and, although the leds on the FS are blinking amber/green (data protection), my Mac can’t connect to it and neither can Drobo Dashboard (so I can’t see if dashboard indicates data protection is in effect). I have concerns that the chassis may have an issue. Definitely time for a new unit. At the moment I am letting the unit sit and proceed with what appears to be a “data protection” cycle (no idea if there’s a time frame since I can’t see it in Dashboard), but I have heard others have had this go on indefinitely - an indication of other more serious issues. Assuming the unit doesn’t successfully exit the protection process, I would appreciate any thoughts on next steps. Thanks

Give it a few days (or more if your usage is high) and see whether it completes eventually.

If it doesn’t, you could try to determine whether there is a failing/failed drive(s) in the disk pack and attempt to clone it/them.

You could read up my reply from this thread.

Good luck.

Hey did your Drobo FS ever come back to life? Mine started to flash Red top drive and Amber/Green on the rest today. Can’t access it via Dashboard or any of my shares. Haven’t done anything yet to it, waiting to see if it finishes rebuilding or whatever its doing.