Drobo FS email not working?

When I configure the FS with known good parameters and use the “Send Test E-mail” button, no email is ever received, nor is there any indication of an error on the send.

Any ideas?


Check with your ISP and make sure you have the right mail server and port number information.

I do… I use these parameters all the time.

Is there a log file I can look at? I would expect if there was an issue connecting and/or sending the test email, drobo would complain somehow.


Yes, the log records the same error message that is thrown out.

I changed the port number on my email alerts and sent a test email. I received an error in sending message. And that message is recorded in the log.

If you like you can create a case and attach a diagnostic file. Say the case is for me, Jennifer. And PM me the case number and I’ll take a look and see if its there.