Drobo-FS dying?

It seems the past two times I’ve copied more than 1 GB to my drobo-fs with 5 drives in dual redundancy mode, it will flip out and say my data is not protected. it will say this for about 20 minutes then everything is good.

Next time I copy it does the same thing. Now it’s dead… I can’t access it at all. I shut it down properly…then start it back up. One time it didn’t start up all the way. So I did it again. And it stayed alive for about 12 hours. Now you can ping it, it looks okay from the front lights, it never emailed me, but you can not connect to it nor can the dashboard see it.

I’ve got about 2.5 TB of data on this thing I’d hate to lose…

Definitely open a support ticket, see what support has to say about the root cause.

I opened a ticket… .in the meantime I shut the box and pulled the older 1 TB drive. I fired it up and of course it says it can not protect and has about 200 gb free. I started deleting old stuff and got to 500 gb free and it still would not repair to “green”. So I just slapped the 1 TB back in. Then the it said it would take 40 hours to repair. I disconnected it from the network so nothing would attempt to check the box.

I got up this morning and one of my 1.5TB drives shows a failure…maybe that was causing it?

Quite possible. I highly recommend waiting for support’s response (or phoning in if you need answers immediately) - the more you mess with things, the more likely it is that something goes irreparably wrong.

I mentioned to them that my power supply is buzzing loudly. I always had this thing on a 500 VA UPS. I have to send some info to them to replace the power supply. I rebooted it again and it still shows the failed drive. I have another 2 TB drive at friends for offsite backup purposes. I’m getting it back to pull my data. Guess I will reboot it again and pull the data in case it decides to die. Definitely weird… it will live for a bit then lock up again. You can still ping it but that’s about it.

hi Digiblur,
any chance of some more info about your setups? also what sizes and makes/models of drives you are using please? comes in handy.

(also maybe a sig update too? :slight_smile: