Drobo FS drops off of network randomly

So I bought a used Drobo FS this week. I have another Drobo Pro that is working perfectly. When I start up the Drobo FS it shows up in the Drobo Dashboard and I can see all my shares that I set up and it mounts just fine through windows explorer. However, when I start to transfer data over to it, after about 20 mins explorer pops up saying that it cannot find my network share anymore. I go into Drobo Dashboard and lo and behold, the Drobo FS is no longer there. I can still ping it (static ip), lights are all green, and no other errors pop up. Then I have to manually reset the drobo for the dashboard and windows to see it again, only for the same thing to happen when I start transferring data.

Windows 10 Machine (static IP)
Drobo Pro - No issues (static IP)
Drobo FS - issues (static IP)
Firmwares all up to date
Dashboard up to date
Drives were all tested and working beforehand

I did run the diagnostic utility through the dashboard and found this error but I could not find anything about it online:

TM: 00000c1c 12\18 02:13:00 Error - ESADevice::IsZombieDevice - ESA 0db110470271 is a zombie. currTime = 111331453, lastUpdate = 111023109
TM: 00001c28 12\18 02:13:00 Error - NetSocket::Recv: got error 10004 receiving data
TM: 00000dd4 12\18 02:13:44 Error - DroboFSAdapter::InsertConfig - session is NULL
TM: 00000dd4 12\18 02:13:44 Error - DroboFSAdapter::GetConfig - Network - Failed to get and insert the config info
TM: 00000dd4 12\18 02:13:44 Error - ESANASDevice::GetIPAddresses - Error getting the IP address(s). Error = 7
TM: 00000dd4 12\18 02:13:44 Error - PNPManager::GetDeviceWithIP() - Failed to get the IP address for device 0db110470271
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hi nomad,
as a test, i was wondering what happens if you power all down, and to fully disconnect the drobo pro if you can, and to then just power up the fs and then the computer?

if you try a smilar kind of usage test as before, does the fs still vanish from the network?

I know this is old but was a fix found for this? I am having a similar issue.

Thank You,