drobo FS dropping share connections on multiple computers


new drobo FS user. i did a quick search of the forum here to see if i could find a solution but nothing cropped up.

I am running a drobo FS machines through a 5 port gigbit ethernet switch and two imacs and one XP pc are accessing it regularly during the day all via the ethernet switch.

one imac is connected via cat 6, the other via cat 5 and the pc via cat 5e cable. the drobo is connected to the switch via the drobo supplied cat 6 cable.

Since setting up the droobo I have experienced the following issues across all machines accessing the drobos:

  • very slow access to folders on Drobo. lag before it displays files inside folders. [color=#1E90FF]***EDIT - just connected via AFP rather than launching drobo dashboard and noticed considerable improvement in load times for folders.[/color]

  • very slow to transfer of files from Drobo to computers local folder (400meg taking 40mins) but fast transfer from local computer to drobo (same transfer takes under few mins)

  • dropped connections to Drobo. on a near daily basis one or more of the computers suddenly lose connection with drobo. dashboard no longer displays the share and goes back into the searching for drobo mode.

we’re using the drobo as a central library for files on an animation production so i need to try and find a solution to this quickly. Its not going to work if file access and transfer is so painfully slow.

all machines have drobo dashboard 1.7.3 and the drobo has latest version of firmware installed.

all and any suggestions are greatly appreciated, i really need to get to the bottom of this issue.


The first thing I’d check is your switch. Two methods to check this:
a) Ping one computer from the other, for a large number of packets, say 1000. There should be ZERO packet loss. If there is packet loss, then something’s funny with either the cabling or the switch itself.

b) Bypass the switch and crossover link between one of the computers and the FS directly. See if that’s any better.

That’ll help eliminate a faulty switch as a variable.

Beyond that, try swapping cables - it’s possible the FS cable is faulty or not plugged in all the way. Check the physical Ethernet port for debris too, sometimes packing material can get wedged in there.

thanks bhiga i’ll give those suggestions a go now and see what happens.