Drobo FS: drive bay missing in action

I have a five bay Drobo FS that recently started showing a yellow light on the top drive slot, which was occupied by a 2TB Seagate mechanism.

But the message it gave me was “Add a drive”, not “Bad drive” or “Drive failure imminent” or “head for the hills” or anything like that.

I have tried:

[]reseating the drive
]using compressed air on the empty drive slot, then re-seating the drive
[*]swapping the mechanism for a new, known-good drive

…to no effect. The drive light remains yellow.

Is this a Drobo hardware problem? Can I expect it to limp along for a few more years or is it a sign that total failure is imminent?

I should add that I removed the Seagate mechanism and was able to reformat and mount it on my desktop PC, without any issues.


hi cmkl,
can i check if your drobo fs has any drive bays actually empty (for example before you removed the 2TB seagate)?

in case another bay was actually empty, it could have just been that the drobo (and possibly dashboard too) recognised that it had reached at least 85% full, and was marking a bay as solid yellow? (usually one of the smallest drives from the top is marked in yellow, though could be times where another is marked)

if another drive bay was empty, then i think you could just add another drive in, and then after that is assimilated into the diskpack, what does the drobo and dashboard then show you?
(if you do happen to have a rebuild triggered, with flashing yellow and green lights, then that is ok, though may take about 1 day per 1TB of data that you have on your drobo)