Drobo FS Discoverable for 15 min then disappears

So, My Drobo FS (all the most recent firmware and dashboard) started acting weird. It said a drive failed, and then another drive failed, so I bought some new drives but decided to upgrade from two old 2Tb drives to some NAS specific 4TB drives. I put in the two new 4TB’s and let it rebuild. It took about 4 days, but it all went through without a problem.

Then, once rebuilt, it started saying that I needed another drive and there aren’t enough drives to backup my data. But also, from this point on my Drobo starts disappearing after about 15 minutes. I now have 2X4TB and 2X2TB and an empty slot. I got another 4TB and put it in. However, now, the top drive goes red when It first boots up, but the Drobo is discoverable. After about a minute, the red drive (which is a brand new 4TB drive), that drive goes green and begins to rebuild the data (because of my new, third 4TB drive i put in. I now have 3X4TB and 2X2TB). However, every 15 minutes it becomes undiscoverable. Sometimes the lights are solid yellow, other times they are solid green once it goes undiscoverable. If I restart it, I have about 15 minutes to access it and transfer whatever I can but then it is undiscoverable again and goes through the same process.

I’m on windows 10. Any help would be very very appreciated. Thank you!

P.S. I found another thread that said "put it in read-only mode to backup your data before troubleshooting the rest), but the link to how to do read-only is no longer working and every time I search for this, I can not find anything on how to acomplish this. Thank you.