Drobo FS "Data at Risk" for no reason

Logged out and logged back into my computer and when Dashboard launched, it was red! I thought ok a drive has failed, nope just Data at risk and is rebuilding 13 hours remaining. No reason given nothing. of course the logs are encrypted so I won’t even bother pulling them. Since my support expired I have to pay for it so refuse to do that.

I assume your title is in jest, since “no reason” is a tad optimistic here.
A drive dropped out of the array temporarily. I hope you can figure out which drive to replace.

Hey, I share your frustration with the obfuscated logs. Maybe you can pull SMART stats off each of the drives (after powering down the Drobo, of course).

All are brand new minus 500GB drive I bought with my Mac Pro in April 2011 for Data only. If it was indeed the rumoured block fails issue, then I am not impressed.

Brand new unfortunately does not mean good. Out of 3 new WD 1.5TB Caviar Green drives I bought, one was flakey on arrival. Granted, these were OEM, not retail box, but now I run diagnostics on even new drives before putting them into use.

Are you sure you have to pay to even get a response from support?