Drobo-FS - can it handle both 5.25" & 3.5" internal hard drives?


i have an older (5 years) Drobo-FS. i have previously been putting 5.25" form factor internal hard drives in it. can it take/handle also 3.5" drives? the old Drobo-FS spec sheet says ‘3.5"’ drives, but i’ve been putting 5.25" form factor in and i wish to make sure before purchasing replacement drives. is the only difference the drive length? is the width and, most importantly, all the SATA connectors and power connector the same?

sorry if this is a rank n00b question, but i don’t know enough about differences in hardware for internal hard drives of different form factors to know if this will work. please advise at your earliest convenience. thank you.


— faddah
portland, oregon, u.s.a.

I think you have mistaken… I believe all these while the drives (HDDs) you have inside the FS are all 3.5" HDD. All HDD (WD, Hitachi, Seagate etc), internal model are all 3.5" spec.

5.25" are back in the old days… it actually refers to the “container” or “brackets” that holds the 3.5" HDD so that it can be fitted into a PC tower into the 5.25" bay…

5.25" bay are the size of a CR-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive. :slight_smile: