Drobo FS Bricked? Need advice

My Drobo will no longer connect to my network. It is beyond not seeing shares or connecting to the dashboard, my router literally does not see it as an attached device. No funny noises, lights on front look fine. If I connect it to my machine directly, (Win7) I can see with the network monitor that it’s MAC address has been assigned an IP but there are no open ports. It responds to pings but will not connect via SSH. Yes, I’ve reinstalled and rebooted everything I can see three options:

  1. Figure out some way to fix it in software.

  2. Buy another DroboFS, migrate the diskpack over, do a pin-reset on the original, move my data back over, and re-sell the second one.
    Note: In frustrating reality, you cannot remove your disks, pin-reset, and put them back it. It will wipe them unless it sees they are from another Drobo, which seems quite stupid. --This option may cost me almost $0, but I fear when I do this somehow it won’t work right and all my data will disappear.

  3. Use a service like 24HourData.com which claims to do Drobo data recovery. Pay some money, get data, but hassle with them about getting my drives back and stuff.

Are there any better suggestions? I can’t readily find instructions for how to move drive-packs between two Drobo FS’s. I am also not entirely positive the pin-reset will fix my issue.

Also, yes I’ve posted a support ticket, but so far they just keep telling me to re-install things.

Pretty sure I’m having the exact same problem. Complete garbage.

That certainly is contrary to any advice I’ve seen posted, and contrary to my own experience with an initial lemon DroboFS. Since all data is on the disk pack, you can always swap it into a new chassis as long as you move all disks at once, while it’s shut down.

When you get down to it, there’s no difference between a new chassis and a pin-hole reset one. Both are factory-fresh units without a disk pack.

I’d be amazed if anyone can do data recovery off a BeyondRAID volume, given that the data layout is proprietary and it doesn’t actually function like RAID in many respects (although in data integrity, it does).

So what are the steps for doing a pin-reset while retaining ALL data?[hr]
I assume these would be the steps (using http://support.drobo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/274/~/can-i-move-my-disk-pack-from-one-drobo-storage-device-to-another%3F as reference)?

  1. Shut-down Drobo FS (since can’t access via Dashboard, must flip power toggle on the back).

  2. Once Drobo FS is completely off, remove the entire drive stack.

  3. Unplug the power cord.

  4. Depress pinhole switch (keep depressed).

  5. Reconnect power cord.

  6. Flip power toggle (turn Drobo FS on).

  7. Release pinhole switch after first drive light turns red.

  8. Shut-down Drobo FS (hopefully via Dashboard, if recognized).

  9. Unplug power cord (perhaps not necessary, but whatever).

  10. Insert drive stack (probably best to keep drive bays matched).

  11. Reconnect power cord.

  12. Start believing in God.

  13. Flip power toggle (turn Drobo FS on).

  14. Pray to newly-found God from step 12.

  15. Buy a different NAS, migrate data, sell/trash Drobo FS.

Presumably, minus 12/14. :wink: And while I believe you can do better than the DroboFS, do check out competitors forums and such ahead of time and make sure you won’t run into similar issues. In this case I doubt it, but there have been issues in the past that are widely shared across NAS devices due to similar/same underlying software.

I opened a support ticket with DPI and am waiting to hear back.

Last night, I powered down the Drobo FS, gave it a few hours, and turned it back on. I was able to connect to the network share again, and Dashboard recognized the unit.

I began a transfer from my computer to the Drobo FS. It was very slow (~ 3.50MB/s). In the middle of the transfer, the connection was lost. Dashboard no longer sees the Drobo FS (“No Devices Detected”). Adding the IP via Drobo Discovery Settings/Manual Device Discovery shows Status = “Not connected” and Name = “Not Available.” I am still able to ping both the IP address and name.

Basically, whenever I restart the Drobo FS, the network share is available for a short period of time, is very slow, and disconnects eventually (probably after 30 minutes or so).

brillow, are you able to restart your unit and access it for short periods of time? I’m wondering if we’re seeing the same issue.

I’m pretty sure I remember reading that a pin reset on a FS Drobo WILL DESTROY DATA, even without the drives installed.

It’s hinted at here, but I’m pretty darn sure I remember a different article explicitly saying pin reset on the FS units WILL cause data loss even if done with no drives.

I theorize this is because some of the configuration information is stored in/on the FS itself, probably due to the embedded OS. Another reason why I shy away from the FS units and use a SFF computer to do the sharing for me.

brillow, it turns out one of my drives went bad. It took multiple reboots for the Drobo FS to finally alert me as such. Once that happened, the unit performs normally now (my network can see it, etc.). You may want to turn it off, then back on to see if it recognizes a bad drive. I’m hoping DRI addresses this unacceptable behavior of the Drobo FS, but they have yet to respond to my support ticket I opened more than a day ago. Good luck.

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