Drobo FS and WD Red

Recently I had a drive go out on my Drobo FS. I had all WD Green hard (2x 3TB and 3x 2TB) drives with one of the 2TB going out. With the new WD Red drives now recommended for NAS I figured I stared going to Red.
Long story short I had gone through 2 WD 3TB Red hard drives trying to rebuild multiple times, each time taking about a day. I made sure my firmware and dashboard software was the latest and still had not luck. I purchased a WD green 3TB popped it in and it worked.

Just wanted to post this in case anyone runs into this issue, or is wondering if I should go with Red or green for my FS. especially since I did not get any support what so ever because of EOL for the Drobo FS and my warranty being over.

If there is anyone that has gotten a WD red to work in your FS please share. if it was just a swap or if you had to do anything special to get it to work.

I have two 4TB red’s in my FS and they work fine.
they took about 2 days each to update.
the first was to add more space, the second was to replace a failed drive.

Previous to that I had 5 2TB green drives.

I actually just had one of them fail, so I’m going to replace it with another 4TB red.