Drobo FS and repairing permissions?

I currently use a Drobo V2 with share as a wireless iTunes media drive for my Mac and am thinking of getting a Drobo FS to replace it and repurposing my original Drobo for editing video.

I’ve found it helpful to connect my drobo directly to my Mac and repair permissions every few months. It generally finds a few things to fix and i notice the trash bin sometimes has undeleted files in it too. I may have read about doing this regularly as a good house keeping measure either on the drobo site or here in the forums.

With the Drobo FS being not having a direct way to connect to the mac, just over the network. I wondered if there was an equivalent way to repair permissions on it over time?

Or is that kind of maintainence simply not needed? I appreciate the FS may run on newer technology, ect. But in theory my current drobo/share should manage itself to, yet still needs a little help now and again?

Just bumping the topic in the hope someone might offer advice :slight_smile:

hi CMB, just thinking… if youre current v2 does a good enough job for your tuneshares etc,
why not get another one, and use that other 2nd one for the video stuffs?

eg ive got a v1 and a v2 and they are great.
i actually use one of them to mirror off the other one (mainly, but thats just my internal extra failsafe just in case)

although i occasionally use processing through both of them: eg when converting something i’ll convert from source (v1) with output going to destination (v2) (or vice versa etc)

Good suggestion. I had thought of that but was really looking for the extra slot too. Lol. That and there is a method to my madness.

I read elsewhere on the forums that some of the newer hard drives on the market with more complex file systems (4k? or something to do with newer spinning platters or something?) can perform slowly in a drobo that was formatted before a certain firmware update to support them. The work around is to copy your data to another location and reformat the disk pack then copy it back - but my iTunes library is approaching 3GB and I don’t have space to store it anywhere temporarily.

So, the appeal of the FS was partly that I could start fresh with say, 3x 3TB hard drives in it. Copy all my current data from the V2 to that - then that would leave me free to start fresh with the V2. And I get two brand new formatted drobos that support the latest hard drive technology properly - that and the Drobp FS 4x speed improvement over Droboshare would be welcome :slight_smile:

AFAIK it hasn’t been confirmed that you must back up and reformat to get Drobo to align the sectors on 4K sector drives. In theory Drobo could re-align in the background as part of its housekeeping.

You do need to make sure you are running a new-enough firmware that supports 4K sector drives before putting a 4K sector drive in a Drobo though.

thanks for the bigger-picture plans CMB. i havent reached that stage yet :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info bhiga. Maybe the new firmwares rolling out that support 3TB drives make that possible? And yes, I always have the latest firmware / dashboard software :slight_smile:

IIRC, Drobo FS has supported 4K sector drives from its release.

Good to know.