DROBO FS and New Motherboard


I have been using a Drobo FS for several years now without problems. I just recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU to a M5a99FX and an AMD Black 8-core processessor.

I have been using a eSATA port on my old motherboard but it doesn’t seem to work on the new motherboard. The drive seems to be recognized but Windows 10 just hangs on the intro screen.

I switched to a USB connector and things seem to work acceptably. However, when I shut my comptuer off, the Drobo doesn’t go into standby mode; in other words the green lights stay on. Is this a problem or do I need to change a setting somewhere? When connected to the old eSTATA connection, the drobo when into standby mode when I shut the comptuer off.
BTW, I am using Windows 10. All drivers and software are updated.


hi mark, can i check if this is for the same drobo from your other post here?

It is. The problem back then is I had a drive that was failing; I eventually replaced it when the red light came on and that problem when away.


thanks for the info mark, at least that is not related to issue now :slight_smile:

i rememeber when i tried setting up esata i wasnt able to get it to work ,so i ended up happily using usb, but am just wondering if there are any settings in windows 10 that you could check, which are to do with power levels (maybe in the bios) or power management settings in control panel or similar that might be affecting things?

for example, some other users found some interesting settings i think to do with keep-alive or something similar on usb ports, or when going into sleep mode. maybe there are some settings there you can spot?

I went into device manager and turned off the power setting switch for all the USB hubs but that didn’t do anything. I finally decided to fiddle with the Erp setting in BIOS. The manual gives a really poor explanation on what this actually does but once I enabled this setting, the power to USB turned off when I shut down windows. After about 20 seconds, the Drobo went into sleep mode and the power light turned from green to yellow so I think I am OK now.


ah ok thanks mark