Drobo FS and media players.

I am a bit curious as the Drobo FS delivers excellent speeds of data to my four computers and a Tvix 6600n mediaplayer.

However I just got this Netgear NTV550 mediastreamer, and that box reports no more than 6-10 mbit/s from the Drobo. It does report 80mb/s from any of the computers. (win7 x64) It has a 100 mb card.

So this is a thread for strange mediaplayers that does not communicate as expected with the Drobo FS.

Could be fun to share experience of different brands of mediaplayers here.

Best regards

Does the Netgear have a Jumbo Frames option? It’d be worth toggling it to see.
Jumbo Frames is a bit of an all-or-nothing deal.

if it’s a 100Mb card, it doesn’t have jumbo frames.

Hi Ignite,

Blade1001 here from the MPC Club forum. I now have my Netgear 550, and I have the same problem. When I perform the speed test on the Netgear the results are inconsistent, ranging from 28mbps down to 10mbps, none of which is enough for a reliable HD stream!

I had the same issue with my TViX 6500 over SMB from the DroboFS, just stuttering and lock-ups. Only way I managed to get the TViX smooth was by using the FUPPES Upnp app on the DroboFS (being as all attempts to get NFS working on it - by using the UnFSD app - all failed miserably).

As far as I can ascertain, my DroboFS is little more use than a paper weight! And an expensive one at that! I’m almost 80% of the way towards making the decision to ditch the useless Drobo and make up a “home brew” UnRaid server, which by all accounts provides a combination of the most flexible, most cost effective and fastest solution out there!