DROBO FS AC Converter (aka brick)

Hello all … My DROBO FS AC Converter (aka brick) burned out. I have another DROBO FS and exchanged converters to confirm this indeed was the case and it is.
I went online shopping on Amazon and found the DROBO FS AC Converter (EDAC Model: EA1101E-120, Part Number: EA11001E(53),
AC Input 100-240V-2.5A100W, DC Output 12V - 8.33A) and ordered it.
The supplier did a bait and swtich, sent me: MODEL: PA-1900-05, AC Input 100-240V-50-60Hz, DC Output 12V - 12.5A MADE IN CHINA (NO MANUFACTURER OR INFORMATION SHEET).
I did my research and this is what I found on DROBO: Drobo FS Specifications & Systems Requirements – Power Supply: AC Input: 100-240VAC~2.5A, 50-60Hz;
DC Output: 12-17VDC 8.33A & 100W Max.;
I am still in a slow burn about this as when I research the model they sent me I could have bought that for at least $30 less than what I was charged. I am currently pushing them to send it back at no charge to me.
So now my question to the group and DROBO Support, will this difference in DC Output (from 12-17VDC 8.33A to 12V 12.5A) potentially damage my DROBO FS or harm the hard drives?
The supplier maintains it will not.
My second question to the group/DROBO Support - which AC Converter models and specs are recommended for the DROBO FS?
Your prompt reply will be most appreciated.


hi caloak,
i am not too sure about what variances or tolerances the device has but from a selling point of view, i like to think that the buyer has a right to a full refund of the psu (or right to insist that the seller send them what was actually being bought), but seeing as it is amazon, im sure they will honour returns.

(then again, maybe amazon already know that the 2 psus are compatible, and sell it by the same name to be found in searches, but if they are selling each psu with $30 difference, it sure would be good to know what is the reasoning for that difference and how it does, or could affect things when used)[hr]
btw theres some more interesting info here too:

Hey Paul … thanks for the reply.
I got two different answers from Drobo, one saying I should stay with the original specs and another that says the replacement adapter would be fine. I have written back to them.
So now I am asking you, as my web searches aren’t giving me much information … which manufacturers are reliable? I have a lot of data and a lot of money in the hard drives not to mention the cost of the Drobo FS itself. So, I do not want to buy a cheapo adapter and either burn out my unit or hard drives or have it burn out in a few years.
So you were kind enough respond so I am asking if you have any more information.


hi cal,
maybe seeing if amazon can send you the original spec version (hopefully at the same price, and seeing as that is what was published at the point of sale) will be the better option :slight_smile:

what might be also good (though with a bit of extra cost, approximately £10-15) would be to get a surge protector for your drobo (essentially for the psu plug of the drobo). i use them on my drobo and even with a multiplug strip, i have the surge protector strip off that (using a socket) and then i plug the drobo psu plug into a surge-protected socket, and also the computer psu plugs into the surge protected socket, and the multiplug is surge protected up the chain too.

(i think im doing it right, but you can double check online because when doing it in a certain way, it can actually almost be as bad as the ghost busters “crossing the streams” :D[hr]
another thing you can do (which i do) is to try to help the psu brick to dissipate its heat…
for example, i actually have 1 of my drobo psu bricks, placed on a thick glass dinner plate, and another one is on a large drinks coaster (made of thick ceramic/tile), and another one on a small metal tray (but careful not to let metal objects touch others).