Drobo FS - 5 Yellow lights

I have been trying to solve this by reading the forum but a lot of the links I listed in the responses are broken

Drobo was working well one day - not the next

  • Not visible in dashboard

  • 5 Yellow lights

  • No blue lights

  • Been like this for at least 7 days (left it in case it was just rebuilding)

  • Turned off and removed all disks and put back in again - no change

What else should I be doing??

Also removed all drives, turned it on. Cant mount - still showing all yellow lights and no blue lights
Symptoms identical

I recommend removing all the drives and attempting a pin-hole reset (with no drives inserted) and see if that helps. Make certain the Drobo is OFF before removing or inserting your drives, unless you want the drives erased.

All the comments I see elsewhere indicates that a pin reset will erase all data on drives.
Am I preventing this from happening by taking drives out first?
Will it wipe them when I put them back in?

As long as the Drobo is OFF before removing or inserting the drives, and as long as they’re not installed when you use the pin hole reset, your data should be safe. Having another backup of important files is always the best policy though.