Drobo FS 3TB drives

Id like to get a 3TB drive for the drobo as I’ve heard that it now supports them. I’ve been trying to find one on Newegg and I saw one where some of the reviews said that some PCs have trouble connecting the HD to the motherboard…

Are there any recommended 3TB drives for Drobo? I’d hate to get one and then find out that it doesn’t work. Thanks


I am not sure, but seem to recollect that WD drives are recommended. Anyway I added a WD 3TB green this week, and all is fine and dandy.[hr]

Hey Great! That sounds like the hard drive Im thinking of getting.

I had one other question. It seems that that hd is 5400rpm. It’s a slower drive then a 7200rpm drive right? How does having one 5400 rpm drive effect drobos speed if all the other ones are 7200rpm? I wonder.
Or am I over thinking it?

Well the WD greens claim to be from 5400 to 7200 rpms depending on the access load. However the Drobo FS is not a very fast device, so I guess you will never get more than ~25MB write speed and 45-50 MB read at best whatever disc you decide to put in there.

Ahhh. Right. Very good point.

Interestingly, the Drobo FAQ says don’t use green drives.


Interesting, although that recommendation seems to apply mostly to their enterprise class products, which in that case using enterprise class drives makes sense. I bought a DroboFS from the store directly and it came bundled with 3 WD Green drives, so this is interesting if Drobo has changed their mind on these drives in general.

The drives may have been put in by the dealer or distributor and not necessarily by the factory.[hr]
As an aside, Drobo sells the WD20EARS green drive as a bundle with the B800FS drive system.

SO while green drives may not be recommended, Drobo sells the green drives and the green drives sold by Drobo are covered the DroboCare warranty service.

Go Figure.

That DRI FAQ, as written, applies directly to the “commercial grade” units, and probably under the assumption that they will be driven very hard 24/7. It is not inconsistent with DRI’s general recommendation that green drives be used on the consumer grade devices. There is also the issue of heat. The only users that have reported any thermal problems were putting RE grade hotter drives in the 4 or maybe 5 bay units. I suspect the 8+ bay units may be somewhat better ventilated.

The drives DRI sells are NOT covered under Drobocare. At least that is based on reports here from users that indicated that DOA drives right out of the box needed to be RMA’d via WD, not DRI.

I’m not bright enough to understand this thread. Drobo recommends commercial grade but sells with consumer grade, but won’t cover the consumer grade and will refer you to manufacturer when a problem happens.

Maybe that is what everyone is saying or maybe these posts have been drobo-ized.

Not the only consistency from Drobo,

Drobo Apps has all been killed off with no support nor encouragement from Drobo.

The Drobo Blog, well that was last updated Nov 2009.

Email to tech support, 48 hours later, no response.

I am having hard time thinking I am going to invest a bunch of money buying this equipment when from the outward appearances this is a company that has lost direction and focus and drive.

Almost as if they are just hanging on long enough for someone to buy them out.

We are looking at solutions as we need to cover about 100 remote offices, from initial testing, I am not sure Drobo is the answer.


  • Steve

Agreed with everything you said, Steve. I’ll never buy a DRI product again, and whenever asked I advise people to stay far, far away.

Eventually this type of attitude will put DRI out of business. But clearly they don’t care in the short-term.

Sadly, Steve, I must agree.

I still think my Drobo v2 from 2008 is a great little device, but Data Robotics appears to have gutted their support and development programs. I’ve worked at enough startups to recognize signs.

If you’re looking for remote offices, remote management is probably a primary consideration. Others here like QNAP and Synaptics for at least SOHO use. I’ve seen quite a few ReadyNAS devices in colo facilities. Based on my good experiences with both their features and tech support, I think ReadyNAS is worth a look.

Hey Guys,
I just want to double check… So you are saying that this drive should not be put in drobo?



[quote=“OrangeCoffeeMug, post:14, topic:2660”]
I just want to double check… So you are saying that this drive should not be put in drobo?


That should work in a Drobo FS, but not in a 4-bay Drobo v1 or v2.
See "Does Drobo support drives larger than 2TB? " http://support.drobo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/506

But what about this post then?

Is it conflicting information?

Yep, that is what we said, it was conflicting.

Since Drobo is not going to warrantee a drive not purchased from Drobo, use whatever you want.


= Steve

What conflict? Use GP drives in the small (relatively poorly ventilated) 4-5 bay Drobos. They won’t generate much heat and that’s good because your Drobo will never tell you they are hot until it shuts down with a thermal check.

Use RE drives in the high end units that are “in stressful environments”, as the FAQ suggests.