Drobo FS - 3 Solid Red, 1 Blinking Red

A few days ago i had a single flaming red light on on a 2TB drive. To make sure everything was good with the Drobo, I took my 3TB back up of the Drobo (big mistake) along with another 1TB drive and popped them in. No issues. The Drobo did it’s reconfiguration and next time I checked I had all green lights and 1 blinking red for the drive I hadn’t removed. (I was waiting for a replacement drive to arrive.)

Had a bit of an issue formatting the new drive (I was going to use it as a replacement for the backup that was now in the Drobo). So I figured I’d pop it in the Drobo to see if it saw it. Waited a few minutes and all lights were green. I then removed the new 3TB drive and next time I looked at it, all lights were red.

One drive has subsequently turned blinking red. The Dashboard can see it them all. I’ve rebooted. Powered the Drobo down, took them all out. Rebooted, dashboard is fine. Powered down again, reinstalled the drives in the same order, still red. Updated to the latest firmware to see if that helped, no change. I’m Running Mac OS 10.13.6, but the shouldn’t matter since it’s a network device.

Any idea what happened? Any hope? Since this is a legacy product it will cost $100 to get email support, which I’m willing to do, but if there’s no hope, I’d rather put the money toward a new NAS.