drobo freezing or disconnecting.

hello, I am having an issue with my drobo where it keeps disconnecting from the droboshare. i have to power cycle it to get it to come back up.

the issue seems to happen when I am accessing folders with allot of sub folders or allot of files (like a folder with pictures or music files in allot of subfolders). has anyone experienced this?

almost forgot… drobo had the most recent FW and is connected via a droboshare. it is accessed by ubuntu and window XP, and windows 7 machines. Thanks.

What is the exact firmware of the drobo and the droboshare?

Hello, the exact info is:

Drobo dashboard - 1.1.1 (1.5.20000)
Drobo Firmware - 1.3.5 (1.252.21110)
Droboshare Firmware - 1.1.2 (51.14990)

This issue was happening before I did the most recent FW update. Prior to this FW I had the most recent (not sure of the number though) Thanks!

If you were having this issue prior to the firmware update, then I would recommend directly attaching your Drobo to your computer and running CHKDSK.

(I am assuming you are running NTFS.)