Drobo Free Space/Volume Issue

Hi guys,

Up until today I have been merrily running my Drobo with two 1TB drives. I was running low on space so I’ve bought two further 1TB drives. Having watched the video on the Drobo website regarding the installation of further drives, I simply inserted the two new discs into the third and fourth slots and waited for them to appear in the Drobo Dashboard. They have done this.

The problem is as follows, the pie chart in Drobo Dashboard is showing 1.16TB of free space, 853GB of used space and 736GB of used space. Drobo Dashboard keeps telling me that it’s found a new unformatted volume and asking whether I’d like to format the new volume. These are new Samsung F3 drives that are previously unused.

I only want one volume, I thought Drobo would dynamically resize the volume on the addition of further disks. I thought that was the entire point? I run a Lightroom library off of my Drobo and it doesn’t make sense to have two volumes. How can I resolve this issue?

Also, it is probably worth mentioning that OS X (10.6.1) keeps telling me that the drive that has been detected cannot be read and that I need to format it. So far I have cancelled/ignored both requests from Drobo Dashboard and OS X but would like to get to the bottom of this quickly as my faith in what has so far been an excellent product is a little rocky at the thought of my Lightroom catalog somehow getting messed up through a ‘volumes’ issue!

Any input on how I get Drobo to add these new discs to the existing Drobo volume would be very very much appreciated.

Many thanks



If the amount of available protected storage in Drobo or DroboPro ever exceeds the size of the volume that you picked originally during installation (when you add one or more additional disk drives), then Drobo or DroboPro will automatically create a new volume (or volumes) of the same size as the original volume.

Drobo and DroboPro handle this situation automatically. When the total storage offered by the inserted drives exceeds your volume size (commonly 2TB), they automatically create a second volume (of the same size) which appears as another volume icon on the Mac’s Desktop or as a new drive letter or partition on the PC.

Drobo Dashboard notifies you when a new volume is created and asks you to format and name the new volume(s), Formatting the second volume/partition will not affect the first.

Maintaining a Single Volume

If you want to maintain all data on a single volume rather than on multiple volumes, you’ll need to migrate the data onto another Drobo or storage device, reformat the original Drobo to the volume size of your choice, and then move the data back.