Drobo Free Space Problem

So as of lately when I try to put files to the drobo it says its full, I replaced the smallest drive with one double the size, same problem. I check the drobo dashboard it says 750 gb free space in the pie chart but when i open drobo it says only 4gb of free space. I am a newbie in need of help.

How many drives & what are their capacity (b/f & during) the expansion? What OS/NOS? That’s Windows XP, Vista, Windows7 or MacOS?

4 drives, 3 of them 1tb, the one I just added is 1.5tb which replaced a 750gb.
OS is mac 10.4.11 .

Ur Tiger (to my knowledge) can only address maximum 2TB per volume. Correct me if I’m wrong cuz I only do Windows. Since U have more than 2TB in ur drobo, in order to access the extra space, you have to create another volume. That’s the similar situation in Windows XP or earlier Windows.

What volume size did you format your volume to?
Do you have 1 volume or multiple volumes?

When you open dashboard and go to Advanced Controls > Data Tab
What is the Used Space and Free Space?

The used space is 1.99tb 73%
the free space is 743.27gb 27%

and i don’t know which volume size these were formated to since I didn’t set it up, my dad set it up and he says he doesn’t remember.
Is there any way to find out the format size and or change the format size without ruining all the files.
Or can you tell me how to create another volume if that is what is needed?

edit- well i’ve figured out where it lists volumes “hit head” it shows 2 volumes each are 2tbs and 1.99tb full,
so should i create another volume?

If you are using dashboard 1.5.1, it will show max capacity under the pie chart on the opening screen of dashboard.

If not, you can go into finder or disk utility and it should show you as a 2TB Mass Storage or whatever size you are formatted to.

Honestly, though, it sounds like you are formatted for 2TB.

When you added that 1.5 TB drive you should have been prompted to format a NEW volume.

If you aren’t getting that message now, put the drobo into standby from the dashboard via the Tools tab.
Unplug your fw/usb cable then the power.
Plug the fw/usb cable back in then the power.

You should now be prompted to format the new volume. Say Yes!

10.4.11 does not have a size limitation of 2TB.

yes i am running 1.5.1 I will test that out right now.[hr]
AHA. well found out what my dad did. OK yes they both are formatted to 2tb and for some reason he is confused by 2 drobo volumes showing up on his desktop so he tosses the one volume that has space in the trash and so it just shows the same volume twice in the dashboard which was the weird confusion.

Thanks loads for a problem my dad self consciously doesn’t know he is causing.